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ATECSE3D works side by side with the most important engineering companies in the country, providing them with parts or assemblies from exhaustively audited foundries to offer security and confidence in all projects launched by our clients.
An example of this is the nodular cast iron support roller assemblies embedded in high tenacity carbon steel axles. Essential for pellet dryers, honeycombs or other industries. Sets intended for the evaporation of water from 2tn to 65tn/h.
Once the part is received from the foundry, it is visually inspected and all the relevant test methods are applied depending on the final destination or life cycle to which it will be destined. These tests can be carried out, depending on the processes through which the part is subjected, several times before the quality control report that we issue on all our parts.
With all this, we issue a competitive and efficient high-quality part or assembly, generating the confidence and security that you deserve during the life cycle of your parts.

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